About Alex Wyatt

Alex Wyatt, AlexRox.comGrowing up in Kansas was and wasn’t the ideal place for a budding metalhead. As I sat in my parents’ basement being pissed off at the world for reasons I was never entitled to, I studied the music that I felt was there for me. I studied the people behind it because they were an important part of my life. These figures were more to me than just icons to look up to. In some ways, they felt like companions. It was all incredibly interesting and it gave me security. I’ve read The Dirt about 12 times. If I met any member of Motley Crue I’m sure they’d feel uncomfortable with how much I know. At the end of the day though, heavy metal and I have an understanding of each other. It understands me in a way I’m not sure any person could. I don’t really know that, I’m only 27 and have a lot of people to meet. Either way, I love heavy metal and hard rock music unconditionally. I also feel like it returns that love. It’s very spiritual to me. When I hear a great riff, groove, solo or vocal melody/harmony; I kind of lose my shit. Sometimes it scares people and turns them off. But that’s my truth and I’m learning to exist in it. 

I graduated from Kansas Wesleyan in 2012 with a degree in theater. I was introduced to the sketch/improv world soon after and have been bitten by that bug as well. I’m a singer and drummer. Drumming is very important to my life. It helps me organize my thoughts.