Def Leppard – Finally on I-Tunes!!

After about 17 years of existence, i-tunes has finally struck a deal with legendary band Def Leppard.  Out of all the bands, I never understood why Def Lep wasn’t on i-tunes.  Especially since their first three albums were in need of some serious remastering.  And the best part?  Everything, unless you’re purchasing some delux editions, is $7.99 or under.

Honestly, I would go to the Def Leppard page on I-tunes over the years to see if there had been any changes.  And time after time I would be disappointed.  A couple of re-recorded tracks from ‘Hysteria’, whatever the newest release was at the time, and a very nice delux edition of the bands 1996 album ‘Slang’.  Oh, and a live record entitled ‘Mirror Ball’.  Which is a pretty damn good live album if I do say so myself.

Year after year that was the case.  Checking in a being disappointed.  It wasn’t that huge of deal as I have hard copies of the first ten Def Leppard albums.  But some of them are original CD copies.  ‘On Through the Night’ through ‘Pyromania’ sound way different than ‘Hysteria’ and ‘Adrelanize’.  And I’m not talking about the song writing.  The first two albums are recorded with analog technology and ‘Pyromania’ was done with either 12 or 14 bit digital.  Either way what that results in is a mix that is not as full or loud.  And you could really tell the difference in volume between the first three and the rest of Def Leps catalog.  I figured out that they were in need of a huge remastering.  And there is one with ‘Pyromania’ but I never indulged.  Then i-tunes finally adds all of Def Leppard.  Hallelujah!  ‘On Through the Night’, ‘High & Dry’ and ‘Pyromania’ have never sounded better.  They actually fit in with the rest of the catalog now.  Now those first three albums REALLY rock.

Not only that but they added the delux edition of ‘Pyromania’ with the attached live document from the Los Angeles forum in 1983.  It is such a great live album.  Again, like with the ‘Live…In the Round, In Your Face’, I never understood why they never released it as a live album when it was recorded.  Def Leppard are primarily known as a studio band.  But they’re also a tremendous live band.  And I think they could have shattered that ‘studio band only’ reputation early in their career had they released the Forum show.  But it’s here now so just enjoy.  Another cool addition is that the delux version of ‘Slang’ is now only $6.99.  That’s a steal for all those bonus tracks.

This has totally re sparked my love for Def Leppard.  And apparently I’m not the only one as their catalog rose 379% in sales according to billboard.  That’s un-freakin’-believable!  So raise your glass and get ‘Wasted’!  Def Leppard are here now and forever!  Don’t forget to check them out on tour in the U.S. this summer with Journey.  And for you folks in the U.K. and Ireland get ready for a great tour as the Lep are taking American legends Cheap Trick on the road with them.  Honestly, I wish they would just do that for their American dates.

This is such a great live document.  I love the glimpse into early Def Leppard.

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